Kick off your fitness goals with these swanky sports arenas

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Sports arenas are mushrooming in the city and opening up a world of opportunities for aspiring sports enthusiasts and fitness junkies 

As cities get smaller and large spaces vanish off the map, sports enthusiasts in the city are flocking towards specialised sports arenas to get their adrenaline fix for the day! With gleaming vinyl courts and premium astro turfs, these specialised sports centres offer you air-conditioned courts (you still sweat it out!), training and fitness programs. While some are multi-utility, others focus on just one sport. The next time you have a hankering for a quick run or a game of football, here are a few places you can head to.  Plastic Wall Skirting

Kick off your fitness goals with these swanky sports arenas

Brothers Vikram Vairavan and Varun Vairavan were constantly on the lookout for places to play when they were pursuing their lucrative careers. They soon started a tech company to connect people to activities and realised the underlying problem behind that - acute shortage of sporting infrastructure. That's how they started Herkley (derived from the Roman god Hercules) an exclusive arena for badminton. "Badminton is the second most played sport in India," sats Vikram. "India has excelled at the sport at the global stage over the past decade and we are ideally placed to become a powerhouse. In the recent men's global rankings, five of the top 20 were Indians. The choice was pretty easy which sport we were going to go for." Herkley has three indoor wooden badminton courts with approved flooring by BWF. "This is very important as we often come across clubs which install shiny PVC mats on top of concrete which is bound to take a toll on your knees. Badminton is meant to be played on wooden floors and synthetic mats if used should be on top of wooden floors," explains Vikram. Located in Kottivakkam, their hourly prices start at Rs 500. . Details: 98844 74916 

 Rush, a multi-utility sports arena opened earlier this year with an assemblage of sports like Futsal, basketball, badminton and indoor cricket. For sports purists out there looking to give indoor arenas a shot, know that they meet the highest of standards with approvals from International federations like the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Badminton World Federation (BWF) and the International Handball Federation (IHF). "Rush is a brand owned by our company TAT (Thick as Thieves)," says Sai Sathvick. "We are six best friend Sarvesh Shashi, Lakshman Chidambaram, Vishwath Selvam, Roshan Raghunath and Arjun Ravindhar. We've known each other since school and hence the name. It just started as a normal conversation in a movie theatre. We figured sports were something that interested all of us! And that's how it started."  Apart from these sports which are predominantly played at the facility, Rush even caters to sports like handball, Frisbee and kabaddi. To add on, they also have karate, zumba and yoga workshops along with fitness programs. 

"The core idea was to give our city something it hadn't experienced before at the highest standards and highest quality! Apart from the sports and fitness facilities that I just mentioned above, we have locker rooms, shower facilities and eatery kiosk to serve delicious food for our players," explains Sai. He promises that memberships are no rocket science and that it is just a phone call away. Located in RA Puram, their hourly prices start  at Rs 1500. Details: 95667 76656

Tiki Taka, another arena that's located in T Nagar and Kilpauk was built from the ground up to provide a player the complete football experience with the idea that one must just bring his boots, and everything else will be taken care of by Tiki Taka. "We selected a quiet, airy rooftop in Kilpauk and began our project," says Praneeth Reddy, marketing head. "A year later, we launched our second venue - Tiki Taka T. Nagar and we are gearing up for the launch of our 3rd venue shortly." Lack of spaces, privacy, added services like boots, lounges, locker rooms and lack of ample lighting after sundown are some of the reasons why this sports arena set shop in the city. With 5-a-side football ground, Tiki Taka's hourly slots start at Rs 2000. Details: 87544-90508

From futsal to badminton to football, you're practically spoilt for choice!  All you've got to do now is find out your nearest arena, become a member and you're set to go. Let's just say, the ball's in your court now!

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Kick off your fitness goals with these swanky sports arenas

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